The "LIZZIE" Collection

Incase you're living under a rock, the Y2K era is back, and in a big way. Yep, you heard what we said!! Bright colours, platform flip flops, butterfly clips and beaded accessories are all the rage again, and we are totally here for it. That's why we decided to bring you a swimwear collection inspired by one of our fav early 2000's icons: Lizzie McGuire.
With this swimwear collection, we wanted to give our Angvels two adorable new bikinis that can be mixed and matched with all of our other collections (loves it) a hot new halter top, and hand made, one of a kind JOUXLERY (see what we did there). We wanted Jouxvel to be your one stop summer shop so that you can live out a full Y2K summer in style, of course. 
The first item in the collection is of course the "LIZZIE" bikini (sold separately). In an adorable striped fabric, this luxe bikini is super playful and we are obsessed with the colour palette. Pair it with any of our other swim pieces for a cute mix and match look. Our favs to pair it with are the "HEATED" or the "CHER"! Pictured below is our Angvel Vienna in the "LIZZIE" top and "CHER" bottoms. 
Next we have the "MIRANDA" (sold separately). This stunning blue floral printed fabric is the perfect addition to the "LIZZIE". Done In the same flattering style, it's a bit more of a sporty bikini for those who aren't as girly. 
We also love to mix and match with our bestie "MIRANDA"! Our favourite swim we've paired it with are the "JACKIE", "CHER", and "SONNY".  Pictured below we have Angvel Natasha wearing the "MIRANDA" top with "SONNY" bottoms and CEO Jewel wearing a "CHER" top with the "MIRANDA" bottoms.
The last clothing item in the collection is one of our favourites: The "KATE.GOT.A.BRA." halter top. This top is a one of a kind rework....but with a twist. Our team will be picking a fabric that is uniquely you for this one. And the best's a SURPRISE!! You heard that right, all you get to see is the style and everything else is a secret. We thought this would be a totally fun way to give you an item that is uniquely you!! And who doesn't love a surprise?
To finish off this collection, we wanted to give you some cutie accessories to match. That's why we've launched our new "CURVY JOUXELS" which are handmade beaded chokers, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that you can pair with anything from this collection, or any of our others. We hand pick all the beads to bring you the best and most unique items that you won't be able to find anywhere else!! Our favourites are the "SAY MY NAME" customizable choker and bracelet, among a few others. 
We hope you love this collection as much as we do!! We'll be rocking the items from the collection all summer long. If you'd like to see more please follow us on our Instagram @jouxvel and our Pinterest!!  
xo Jouxvel

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