The "CIAO" Collection

Who doesn't find themselves dreaming of a summer spent in Europe? Where you're drinking all the good wine, and of course eating all the carbs (it's okay bestie, you can admit you're obsessed with bread and pasta, us too). That's why we've created the "CIAO" collection in collaboration with our OG Angvel, Vienna (@viennajanee). Vienna is our match made in heaven. She is a fashion and lifestyle influencer here in the Fraser Valley, who loves to shop sustainable and support local, and you can always find her pulling off the trendiest looks.
In celebration of her birthday, we wanted to create a collection inspired by our favourite places in Europe. Given that we sadly can't do any travelling at the moment, we wanted to give you a peek into that day dream, of lounging in an iconic fit, while the hot European sun shines down on your warmth deprived skin. And who doesn't love the sound of that?
The first item we wanna talk about from the collection is the "VIENNA" dress. Made out of a super soft terry towel fabric, in an aqua blue that can be compared to the stunning colour of the Mediterranean sea, this dress gives us all the Italian summer vibes. With the side cut outs and low back, this dress is also giving a subtle nod to the Y2K fantasy that we are all living for right now. This dress is probably our favourite item in the collection. 
The next dress in the collection is the "LONDON EYE" dress. This dress is made from a very luxe black lycra that fits and outlines every curve and swerve, baby! This dress is not made to be subtle, just like our favourite icons from the UK. With it's low back, and straps that can be tied however you'd like, we pictured this dress as something that can be styled a multitude of ways. Walk onto the patio this summer wearing this trendy fit, and all eyes will be on you.
The first bikini in our collection is the "JANE" (sold separately). Done in a stunning light green terry towel, this highlights our favourite colour of the season. This bikini is all about lounging poolside with the girls, drinking a pitcher of sangria, and spilling the tea. The fabric is so soft, you might forget you're even wearing it.....
Our next bikini is the "MADRID" (sold separately). A classic black string bikini, that we all need in our summer wardrobe. The bikini is made out of the same luxe fabric as our "LONDON EYE" dress. This swimsuit can be paired with anything, and that's what we love so much about it! This little number is made to for the playful soul, so don't be afraid to roll around on the beach while your rocking this one. Sandy cheeks anyone? 
Our final hand-made item from the collection is the one and only "PRAGUE" one piece. This stunning swimsuit is a total showstopper! Made in the silky black lycra, with it's scandalous cut outs, and high hip ties, you're destined to be a total knock-out wearing this. It is meant to be a swimsuit, however, don't be afraid to pair this with mom jeans or denim shorts, and your favourite jacket for a trendy evening look. We love the boots we styled the look with below. Which Vienna happened to find in her moms closet, of course. Iconic vintage moment anyone? 
Of course the collection would not be complete with some one of a kind thrifted items. All of the pieces are named after some of our favourite European destinations, yummy food, and beautiful art. Our favourite items include the "AFTER THE SISTINE" dress and the "AFFOGATO" top pictured below. 
We hope you adore this collection as much as we do! If you'd like to see more content from us please give us a follow on our Instagram (@jouxvel) and feel free to tag us if you take a pic in your items, we love to see our Angvels!! 
Ciao bella,
xo Jouxvel 

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