The "AQUA" Collection

The year is 2006, mermaids are all the rage, and you're at the movie theatre about to see what's going to become your latest obsession: Aquamarine. You know you immediately went home, asked your mom to put blue streaks in your hair, and started hunting for a t-shirt long enough to tie into a mini dress. Trust us, we know the vibe. That's why to kick off the summer we wanted to give you a collection full of brightly coloured swimsuits, cover ups, and jouxlery inspired by the iconic mermaid flick. You can't deny that feeling like a saucy mermaid on the beach isn't part of your summer fantasy... we know it is, and we never miss ;)

In this collection we've given you three bikinis, two one-pieces, two sets, and a wrap skirt. One of our favourites is the "AQUA" set (pictured below). Inspired by the wrap t-shirt dress in the movie, this set can be worn separately or together, and can be worn in the water or off shore. Our favourite part about it is the multi-way tie top, a Jouxvel signature. 

The bikinis in this collection are the "I NEED SALT", the "ISLAND IN THE SUN" and the "SKINNY DIP". What we love is that you can mix and match any one of the bottoms and tops with each other for an adorable bikini. Did you also know, that all of our new styles are available in our other popular colours? We love the "I NEED SALT" bikini in the colour "CHER". 

"I NEED SALT" Bikini




"I NEED SALT" In colour "CHER"

Next up we have our one piece swimsuits. The "I NEED SALT" and the "ISLAND IN THE SUN" are an adorable addition to this collection. The "I NEED SALT" Is a full coverage one piece, with a halter and wrap around ties in a funky mixed colour fabric. The "ISLAND IN THE SUN" is a slightly cheekier one piece in an eye-catching florescent green lycra. 


"I NEED SALT" One Piece


In this collection we wanted to give you some stunning swimsuit cover ups for after the beach! We have the "CLAIRE" sarong skirt, and the "Mouth2Mouth" set. We are sooo in love with both! The "CLAIRE" is in a beautiful pastel flower pattern chiffon. The "Mouth2Mouth" is a vibrant lightweight knit fabric, for our daring angvels of course. Personally we cannot wait to rock the "Mouth2Mouth" as an extra AF outfit with some platform shoes. 





This collection would not be complete without some adorable Jouxlery!! All handmade, our Curvy Jouxels are sure to have you excited to accessorize. Our favourite items have to be the "ONE & ONLY" Necklace, the "AQUA AQUA" starfish earrings, and the "LIKE MY TAIL?" Necklace!

We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we do!! This is our biggest, brightest, most fun collection yet. We can't wait to see you in your Aquamarine inspired looks! Don't forget to follow & tag us on Instagram @Jouxvel and feel free to give our Pinterest a follow as well!!

Much love,

Jouxvel The Brand xo



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